Made with all the goodness of New Zealand


Scientifically developed natural Safe solutions for your family


Scientifically developed Certified Natural Health Solutions for your family. Harnessing the antibacterial power of New Zealand Kanuka Oil, used for generations by Maori for its powerful antibacterial properties, We are New Zealand's First Natural, Independently tested, Full Cleaning and Sanitising range, dedicated protecting the ones we love the most. 

Natural Protection for your family


“I worry about my child, I know bacteria is normal but its the germs and bacteria on their toys and all the things they put in their mouths. But i don’t want to have spray harsh chemicals on the things they play with, thats why we use babyallsafe products. I get the protection I need without the nasties, the natural certification and the fact its made right here in New Zealand makes me feel even safer.” 

Auckland, New Zealand


New Zealand Kanuka

Harnesses the power of Native New Zealand Kanuka

Made In New Zealand

Combining expertise with innovation our products are effective and formulated from our propriety technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria and harnessing the antibacterial power of New Zealand Kanuka extract.

Independently Tested

Our sanitisers are independent tested by Eurofins Laboratories to kill 99% of germs and bacteria